Exclusive: ‘Body Of Proof’ Casts ‘CSI’ Alum As Megan’s Dad

Posted on October 18, 2012


When Body of Proof returns at mid-season for its Season 3 reboot, expect to meet the other half of Megan Hunt’s (Dana Delany) parents: her father.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the seventh episode of Season 3–the same installment to feature Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick–will introduce Megan’s father, although there is a small catch. Commander In Chief and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation actor Larry Sullivan has booked the role of Dr. David Hunt, which will first been seen via photos (from the past) during a therapy session. Joanna Cassidy has portrayed Megan’s mom on the show over the past two seasons.

As of now, the cameo appearance is set for just one episode; however, sources close to the show tell me there’s always a chance a flashback or two could arise somewhere down the line.

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