5 Suggestions For The New TV Season

Posted on June 8, 2012


The 2011-2012 Fall TV Season ended less than a month ago, but a majority of TV’s writing talent returned to work this week to conjure up stories for new and returning series slated to air during the 2012-2013 season. After examining episodes from the past season, here are some suggestions for producers and writers–all of whom are totally reading this blog–on what yours truly would personally like to see when the new season kicks off.

Parks and Recreation

Retta & Jim O’Heir

Part of what makes Parks and Recreation TV’s top comedy is the outstanding ensemble cast surrounding Amy Poehler. And while most from the Pilot–including relatively recent additions Rob Lowe and Adam Scott–have deservedly made their way into the show’s opening credits, two have not: Retta as the sassy, sharp-witted Donna and Jim O’Heir as the office’s resident klutz Jerry Gergich. Going forward into Season 5 it is my sincere hope that the show adds these two to the main titles, because at this point it seems like such a simple mistake Jerry would make.

The Good Wife

Carrie Preston & Juliana Margulies

There’s not much to quibble about on CBS’ smartest and most addictive drama The Good Wife. The show continues to raise its game every season with intelligent story telling and incredible performances from its series regulars and guest stars, which brings me to this: Carrie Preston needs to be brought on full-time. It wouldn’t be impossible to integrate the “dizzy like a fox” Elsbeth Tascioni into the fold in a natural and organic way (Lockhart-Gardner continues to struggle without a third name-partner, and Tascioni is one of the most clever, resourceful lawyers in The Good Wife universe) and her scenes always leave you hanging for more. True, she’s a series-regular on HBO’s True Blood, but to be completely honest her talent is not being utilized well enough in Bon Temps as it is in her every-now-and-then appearance on The Good Wife. And that’s just criminal.


Emily VanCamp & Madeleine Stowe

The season finale left a humdinger of a twist: Victoria Grayson was apparently killed while en route to testify in court. There’s no way in hell the series would bump off one of the most deliciously insane characters currently gracing the television landscape, and Madeleine Stowe continues to receive rave reviews for her performance. So when the show returns in the fall, and Victoria is perfectly fine and healthy, can we please see the two leading ladies band together to take down those who have destroyed so much in their lives? Now that there’s obvious common goals and objectives between The Hamptons’ leading matriarch and Amanda Clarke, all signs point to those two kicking some serious ass together.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Louise Lombard

Television staple CSI continues to find success after twelve seasons on the air, and just recently wrapped one of its most creatively strong in years. As the show marches into Season 13, is it too much to ask for Louise Lombard‘s permanent return? Lombard left the show in Season 8 after playing CSI/Detective Sofia Curtis for three years, and made a quick guest spot in an installment during Season 11. And while I’m personally loving the additions of Ted DansonElisabeth Shue, and Elisabeth Harnois, I continue to hope for more appearances from toothpick-totin’ Deputy Chief Sofia Curtis. The show recently upped Jon Wellner to series regular after appearing on the show for seven years, joining fellow lab-tech groupies David BermanWallace Langham, and Robert David Hall. Can there be another detective in the series regular mix to accompany Paul Guilfoyle‘s Jim Brass? I certainly say there can be.

Grey’s Anatomy

Sarah Drew & Kevin McKidd

I can’t talk about Grey’s Anatomy‘s season finale without turning into an emotional Hulk. To keep things short, I will never agree with Shonda Rhime‘s decision to off Chyler Leigh‘s innocent and lovable Lexi Grey in a permanent fashion and won’t accept Kim Raver‘s exit until Dr. Teddy gets her own spinoff. I will however welcome the most brutal and traumatizing exits for Kevin McKidd’s increasingly frustrating Owen and the ever annoying April Kapner (Sarah Drew). Those two grated on nerves for almost the entirety of this past season, and are left with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Ugh.

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