‘The Good Wife’ Gets Another ‘House’ Visitor – Is Somebody Else Leaving The Show?!

Posted on August 18, 2011


It’s been a summer of changes over at House. Lisa Edelstein opted not to renew her contract, Olivia Wilde decided to return for a limited amount of episodes, and the show cast two new actresses–Odette Annable and Charylyne Li–to fill the lack of female roles. Now, eyebrows are raised once again at news that might at first glance cause some panic…

Peter Jacobson (photo: FOX)

Lisa Edelstein will be appearing in multiple episodes of the CBS drama The Good Wife this season, and one of her former co-stars is tagging along. Peter Jacobson will be appearing in the season premiere (which Edelstein will not be featured in) airing September 25th. He will play the role of Michael Kahane in a plot that focuses around the trial of a Muslim student who is accused of murdering his Jewish classmate.

But does this mean Taub will no longer be under House’s supervision, and another cast member is departing the aging FOX show? Seems the answer is no.

“Peter will be a guest star on one episode of The Good Wife.  He is still a series regular on House,” a rep for the medical drama tells me. Phew!

House kicks off its eighth (and possibly final) season in October.

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