The Latest ‘Good Wife’ Season 3 Scoop Is Here!

Posted on June 28, 2011


The third season of CBS’ smash hit The Good Wife doesn’t premiere for at least another two months, but casting is already underway for the third season of the award-winning series. With filming set to begin July 15th, a source close to the show gives a few tidbits about what to expect in the upcoming season premiere.

The Good Wife (photo: CBS)

Does the season premiere have a name yet?

It absolutely does. The third season’s first episode is titled “The Next Day.” While I can’t tell you if this means the show picks things up the day after Alicia and Will’s romantic rendezvous from last season’s finale, I think it’s fair to say series creators Robert & Michelle King are continuing a trend with their titles: each episode title this season will be three words long (short?).

Who penned the first episode back?

Silly question. Husband and wife writing team Robert & Michelle King are the scribes behind the most anticipated premiere of the fall. Brooke Kennedy is set to direct.

Quick! In 30 words or less, give a brief synopsis of the season premiere!

Anything can change, but I’m hearing this is the plan for now:

Jimal is the only student accused of having taken part in a massive cafeteria fistfight, and when Alicia (Juliana Margulies) finds evidence that apparently exonerates him, he’s accused of murder.

New characters? Anything? I need this show back now!

I’m sure that thought is going through many of your minds right now, and unfortunately, I can’t make it air any sooner! Although, I can say that the show is introducing two potentially recurring roles.

First up is the role of “Jennifer,” who is a college student hired to tutor Grace. She’s shy, withdrawn, and uncomfortable in the Florrick’s apartment.

The series also plans on hiring a new assistant for Will Gardner. A woman in her early 20s to early 30s, she’s constantly keeping tabs on Will’s whereabouts and notifies Alicia of his every move. Can you say stalker much?


The Good Wife does not yet have an official season three premiere date.

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