Scoop: ‘Rizzoli & Isles,’ ‘Royal Pains’ & More!

Posted on June 3, 2011


While writers for most of the network series returned to work just this week, scribes for many of the lighter-summer programs continue to churn out scripts after months of breaking stories. This edition of Scoops and Snippets features a little bit of both worlds–both network and cable–which you can check out below…

  • Fans of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation who enjoyed the works of David Rambo and Allen MacDonald (both writers left the series after season ten) can soon find their names on a television nearby. Rambo, who worked on ABC’s V this past season, has been tapped to write for the new CBS mid-season show The 2-2. Executive produced by Robert De Niro, The 2-2 stars Leelee Sobieski as a cop in New York. Meanwhile, MacDonald has been hired to write for the ABC Dana Delany starring series, Body of Proof.
  • USA Network’s hit show Royal Pains is currently casting the role of a possible love interest for Reshma Shetty‘s Divya. Dr. Paul Van Dyke, who will be appearing in the 7th episode of the upcoming season titled “Ta Da For,” originally starts off on bad footing with Divya, but when it turns out she may have actually helped more than hindered, a dinner proposal is made. Oh, how love is so complicated!
  • Medical problems, ahoy! Rizzoli & Isles‘ Jane Rizzoli will be requiring medical surgery in the eighth episode of season two (titled “My Own Worst Enemy”), and who does she ask to do the surgery? Her partner-in-crime Maura Isles, of course! Case-related, Boston P.D. investigates the attacking of a son, whose father has been shot to death. Relationship-related? Well, expect to meet Ian, a potential romantic partner for Isles, whom we meet when Jane’s mother walks in on them. Uh-oh!
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