Video: Shane Saunders Does Jay Leno

Posted on March 24, 2011


No, not in that way you filthy pervs!

Shane Saunders and Jay Leno (photo: Dan Adams)

In Hollywood, 99% of the time you are surrounded by some sort of entertainment. Whether it is the local news doing a story, a production crew getting whatever shots they need to complete their vision, or a celebrity hiding beneath a pair of dark-tinted sunglasses and an awkward hat trying to keep a low-profile. It’s a city where films and television come to life, and they’re everywhere.

Earlier this month I was up at Universal CityWalk and was quickly snatched up by Jay Leno to do a small segment on Women’s History Month for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Sandwiched between a Snooki parody and a Carol Burnett interview, I’d say the opportunity was a ton of fun, albeit a little embarrassing.

While not everything made it on to the air, you can view a couple segments of me from March 23rd’s telecast. Video below!

And to see the HD version, be sure to click HERE!

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