‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Intel: A New Love Interest For…

Posted on March 17, 2011


When Rizzoli & Isles returns on July 11th with a whopping 15 episode order (10 in the summer, 5 later on in the winter) you can definitely expect a new love interest for one of the show’s two leading ladies. But who? What? How? Why?! Oh, and is someone being recast? Well, don’t keep asking rhetorical questions… scroll!

photo: TNT

A new love interest for Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) will be introduced when the series resumes on July 11th. In what could be a potentially recurring role, Isles hooks up with fellow doctor Byron Slucky, who has been acting as Rizzoli’s (Angie Harmons) trauma surgeon over the past several months. Wanting to get back to work, Rizzoli asks Slucky to clear her for active duty, but there’s some difficulty with her request. Let’s just say Rizzoli ain’t so lucky with Slucky (get it?)!

Things between Isles and Rizzoli get to be a little awkward when tough-gal Jane shows up to her colleague’s house only to find Slucky has spent the night. Ruh-oh!

In (kind of) minor news, the show is scrapping the character of Dr. Michikao Tada. In what doesn’t really seem to be a surprise after last week’s events in Japan, producers are now looking for an actress to to play Dr. Janet. Described as enthusiastic, passionate, intelligent (not cynical), and speaks with a flawless non-American accent, Janet will work alongside Maura as a doctor doing a rotation in pathology. Also rounding out the list of new characters is Officer Sam Reynolds, who will now be working the reception desk at BPD.

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