Blind Item: Cable Couple Divorce? Tristezza!

Posted on March 13, 2011


Could one of the most adorable couples on cable television be heading for a divorce? It looks that way!

Sources tell me that this specific couple–who have been married since the series’ inception–could be headed to Splitsville. But who?!

While it is much too soon to be naming names, I can say that a major clue is located somewhere in this post. And on top of that clue, I will say that experiencing a traumatic event, even secondhand, would put a damper on anybody’s marriage. After all, a loved one of theirs did get shot!

Look for this all to transpire during the show’s first episode back. And when people find out about this potential divorce via a napkin (!!!!) things will get very, very interesting.


Have a guess? Then hit the comments!

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