Scoop: Is ‘CSI: NY’ Planning Its ‘Exit Strategy’?

Posted on March 3, 2011


With a high amount of new shows in development over at CBS, its a given that something has to go. Could one of those shows be CSI: NY?

In a word: maybe.

Sela Ward and Gary Sinise in CSI: NY (photo: CBS)

Sources reveal to me that the 22nd episode in the show’s abbreviated 7th season (currently planned to be the season finale) could potentially act as a series finale.

The season/series finale, which is titled “Exit Strategy,” focuses largely on Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and his near-death experience while working in the line of duty. In what is sure to be an uncomfortable time, Mac withdraws into his own thoughts and studies a case that has been sitting on his desk for the past 9 years.

What happens at the end of the episode is still unclear, but should CBS decide to give the veteran series the axe, it’s very possible that this storyline could provide fans with a proper ending.

The second sibling to the very popular CSI, the New York spinoff has seen quite a few changes within the last year. In May of 2010, CBS announced that the show would move from its original Wednesday nights at 10pm time slot to the frequently lethal Fridays at 9. Last July Melina Kanakaredes, an original member of the cast, abruptly left the show, leaving the producers and CBS scrambling to find a new female lead. Sela Ward was then hired to play the role of Jo Danville, a former member of the FBI. Despite airing on Fridays, NY is maintaining consistent ratings and has been the most watched show during the 9pm hour.

CBS had no comment at the time of this writing.

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